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HopestillsTands is a lifestyle brand based on the personal journey of La-Anna Douglas

As a young girl, La-Anna was bullied and talked about because of the color of her skin. She was told by her classmates that she was too dark or didn't have light colored eyes to be considered beautiful.  As a result, La-Anna suffered from low self esteem and depression.

When La-Anna married the love of her life, she believed that God used her husband to open her eyes to the beauty that was within her. After learning to love herself, she suffered infertility issues when she and her husband wanted to start a family. La-Anna had endured several surgeries and medical procedures.

After several failed attempts, La-Anna still could not get pregnant. Her depression returned and she questioned God.  La-Anna and her husband along with her family continued to pray. God prophesied through her grandmother and an Apostle, that God would bless them with a child.

After 8 years of pain and struggle, La-Anna and her husband were pregnant NATURALLY!! From this journey, Hopestillstands LLC was born. From depression to celebration. From Hatred to Love. From Hurt to HOPE still stands!!